Welcome to Kintyre B.V.

At Kintyre B.V., our mission is to help companies become global leaders in their respective markets. We provide early-stage capital to entrepreneurs, and growth equity to fast-growing companies. Post investment, we leverage our global network to help portfolio companies develop and refine their strategic direction, recruit and retain management talent, establish distribution channels and partnerships, access reference accounts, secure follow-on financing and expand geographically.

Dynamic Investment Approach

  • Kintyre's objective is to identify, invest in and actively support leading companies on a global basis.
    The investment professionals at Kintyre bring more than 15 years of early stage and growth equity experience to their investments, and work with portfolio companies to guide their growth through the various stages of development. We help portfolio companies by leveraging our extensive global network of managers, investors, and intermediaries who are actively involved with Kintyre's portfolio companies.
    We focus on companies from early stage to growth equity, with a dynamic investment approach, helping companies to expand globally, and working with leading co-investors.

    Kintyre is an active investor in all of its portfolio companies and focuses on:

    - Business development

    - Introducing new customers and converting them to significant sales opportunities
    - Supporting indirect channels to market

    - Team building by sourcing executives, NEDs, and Chairmen from its industry networks

    - Attracting Tier 1 US and European VCs to support further funding rounds

    - Enabling global reach for portfolio companies

    - Europe to US
    - US to Europe

    The Team at Kintyre have added significant value in many aspects of the business, whether that be assisting in building the Senior Management Team by sourcing candidates through their extensive network or validating strategy and supporting corporate development initiatives through their industry knowledge and expertise.

Investment Criteria

  • When reviewing an investment opportunity, Kintyre looks for the following:

    - Strong management team

    - Attractive market with significant growth prospects

    - Current or potential market leaders with a sustainable business model

    - Reasonable valuation parameters

    - Clear exit potential


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